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Watch the Ford Go Further Super Bowl commercial quoting : monstersandcritics

according to Ford are channelling the idea that they can make life easier and get you unstuck.
The year’s Ford Super Bowl commercial is all about the voice inside you that tell you to “Go Further.”It starts with a young boy stuck on a ski-lift, a man left dangling from a roof after his ladders fall, a girl mournfully eyeing her kite stuck in a tree and a man struggling to pull off a tight wesuit.
From ride sharing, electric vehicles and self-driving cars, the automaker says they are going further to bring technologies that will really make a difference to your everyday life.
Check out the full ad below.
We’ve all had one of those days when you can’t open a jar, lose your keys and get stuck out in the rain or find yourself wrestling a jumper that is determined not to come off!

Watch the Ford Go Further Super Bowl commercial

according to

according to

Ford used Nina Simone’s civil rights anthem in a Super Bowl ad, and some people are not happy

And on Sunday, it was played as part of a Ford commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.
#SuperBowl #Ford — Ben Tully (@bentully31) February 5, 2017Ford whitewashing an iconic Nina Simone song about racial inequality.
A few said they were happy to hear Simone’s song played before such a massive audience.
this Ford commercial using Nina Simone’s I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free to sell cars IS NOT CUTE.
— Kevin Allred (@KevinAllred) February 6, 2017If you were wondering about the worst way to use a Nina Simone song, the answer is in a Ford super bowl commercial.

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