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How to Buy Cheaper Car Insurance for Military Personnel according to : Yahoo Finance

according to These benefits can make buying auto insurance for military personnel cheaper.
Military personnel is entitled to several auto insurance discounts.
Military Installation Discount – a 15% discount on comprehensive auto insurance for vehicles parked in military bases.
Every auto insurance provider is obliged by law to provide several important price reductions to all members affiliated with the military.
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Discountautomobileinsurance.info has released a new blog post explaining how to get auto insurance discounts for military members.

How to Buy Cheaper Car Insurance for Military Personnel

as declared in A La-Z-Boy recliner is recalled due to a shock hazard, and there is new information about how many people actually shop around for their car insurance.
Most of us laugh at commercials but don’t really listen and see if there’s savings out.
La-Z-Boy RecallResponds Keller Woman Gets Money Back After Landscaping DelayThe Consumer Product Safety Commission sent out the word Wednesday afternoon.
La-Z-Boy is recalling a series of recliners with a power lift seat.
A new survey says 39 percent of us have never shopped around to see if there’s cheaper insurance somewhere else.

NJ Drivers Pay the Highest Car Insurance Premiums in the Nation

as declared in New Jersey drivers pay more for car insurance premiums than anyone else in the country.
New Jersey drivers have paid the highest car insurance premiums in the nation five years in a row, according to a new report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
The national average for insurance premiums in 2014 was $866.31 per car, according to report.
If you think you are paying more for your car insurance in New Jersey, you are not wrong.
In comparison, Iowa came in with the lowest insurance premiums with an average of $585.71 per car.

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