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Revised Toyota Tundra caught testing stat : CarWale

as informed in Whereas the entirely new version will appear sometime around 2020, the revised Tundra will be introduced later this year.
But before that, the brand will roll out a revised version of the current vehicle.
Toyota is currently working on an entirely new version of the Tundra – one of the most popular pick-up trucks in the US.
Toyota will plonk in a new grille, hood, headlights and revised trim pieces to keep the Tundra fresh for another couple of years.
It is however unclear whether it will show up before the redesigned Tundra appears.

Revised Toyota Tundra caught testing

As it stated in Toyota to refresh Tundra pick-up truckThe refreshed version of the popular pick-up truck was recently spotted testing in Southern California.
We expect Toyota to roll out the refreshed Tundra later this year.
Japanese auto giant Toyota will give the Tundra another update before it rolls out a new generation model by around 2020.
In terms of cosmetic upgrades, expect a new grille, hood, headlights, and revised trim pieces to keep the Tundra fresh for another couple of years.
The camouflaged front end is evidence that revisions will be far less comprehensive than the ones the truck received for 2014.

Toyota to refresh Tundra pick-up truck

As it stated in The Toyota Tundra, a throwback to simpler times, does at least conform to the scale of today’s outsize entries: It casts a shadow as massive as any “light-duty” pickup.
In 2017, a rather large fossil can be found, not frozen below the subsoil of the North Slope but at your local Toyota dealer in the form of the Tundra pickup truck.
To minimize the need for refueling stops, our test truck was equipped with an optional 38-gallon fuel tank.
Although electrically assisted power steering has become common industry-wide, the Tundra still relies on a hydraulic-assist system—but to no advantage.
While other manufacturers advertise massive towing abilities that seemingly never stop increasing, Toyota declines to participate in the half-ton arms race.

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