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Ford Invests in Argo AI, a New Artificial Intelligence Company, in Drive for Autonomous Vehicle Leadership quoting : ford

as mentioned in The team of experts in robotics and artificial intelligence is led by Argo AI founders Bryan Salesky, company CEO, and Peter Rander, company COO.
Argo AI will join forces with Ford’s autonomous vehicle software development effort to strengthen the commercialization of self-driving vehicles.
Argo AI’s initial focus will be to support Ford’s autonomous vehicle development and production.
In the future, Argo AI could license its technology to other companies and sectors looking for autonomous capability.
This includes choices for using autonomous vehicles to move goods and people, such as ride sharing, ride hailing or package delivery fleets.


As it stated in Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski, another former Google engineer, is now overseeing Uber’s testing of driverless cars in Pittsburgh and Arizona.
4,553 crores) last summer primarily to get Otto’s engineers on its team working on driverless vehicles.
The big bet announced Friday comes just a few months after the Pittsburgh startup, Argo AI, was created by two alumni of Carnegie Mellon University’s robotics program, Bryan Salesky and Peter Rander.
By joining with Ford, Argo gets strong capital backing and expertise on other components needed to run autonomous cars, as well as product development and manufacturing knowledge, Salesky said.
Ford Motor is spending $1 billion to take over a budding robotics startup to acquire more expertise needed to reach its ambitious goal of having a fully driverless vehicle on the road by 2021.

As it stated in

Ford Announces Investment in Artificial Intelligence Company Argo AI

The investment also includes Ford becoming a majority stakeholder in the Argo AI but will remain independent from the automaker.
Ford has announced that it will invest $1 billion in Argo AI, an artificial intelligence startup, to help develop the automaker’s autonomous vehicles, which are scheduled to arrive in 2021.
Argo AI’s main responsibility will be the development of a virtual driver system for Ford’s self-driving cars.
Ford’s autonomous vehicle project will be the Argo AI’s key initial focus but in the future, the automaker says that the startup could also license its self-driving technologies to other companies.
Ford, however, will continue to be in charge of developing vehicle platforms, systems integration, exterior and interior designs, manufacturing, and managing regulatory policies related to autonomous cars.

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