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Seeking Alpha : reported that Is Ford Cheap? – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)

as mentioned in EBITDA margin has been between 8.75-12.75%, which is quite strong for a company operating in the automotive industry.
The ratio of operating cash flow per share to the share price is 2.5x.
The company has an immensely strong financial position and robust profitability which are not reflected by the stock price.
It is looking increasingly likely that the fundamental growth from Asia-Pacific and a possible turnaround in Europe will finally push the stock price higher.
After North America, Asia-Pacific is the region with the highest operating margin (5.2%) for the company and any high-end product growth will further push this operating margin towards the North American figure of 9.7%.

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Ford Motor Company (F) Plans High-Tech Pothole Detector

Ford Motor Company (F) Plans High-Tech Pothole Detector

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F ) has announced that it is launching a sensor capable of detecting a pothole.
Other companies and institutions have been working on developing similar technology, including sensors being designed by Nottingham Trent University at the moment.
Source: FordThe company is working to improve its vehicles with a system that will help avoid obstacles, including potholes capable of dealing damage to a car.
Company vehicles already have sensors that detect potholes, but this move will take them to a new level.
“A virtual pothole map could highlight a new pothole the minute it appears and almost immediately warn other drivers that there is a hazard ahead,” said Uwe Hoffmann, a research engineer at Ford.

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Ford Is Wasting $1 Billion – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is attempting to get ahead of peers by making a $1 billion investment in Argo AI over the course of five years.
While some politicians have embraced the idea of driverless cars (like the Ohio Republican legislature and governor), smart political figures will fight this.
The engineers developing the technology for driverless cars are not the demographic Ford is looking to sell F-150’s and Focus’ to.
Many of the benefits of level 4 driverless cars (reductions in accidents and fatalities) can be experienced with level 3 automation.
That is why Ford is making a strategic miscalculation by bypassing level 3 technology in exchange for the $1 billion investment in level 4.

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