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Top five tips to help save you hundreds on your car insurance quoting : Independent

as informed in A lot of young drivers are struggling with car insurance bills running into a few thousand euro a year.
I paid €389 for my car insurance last year.
It was a similar situation last year: my car insurance renewal quote in February 2016 was 21pc higher than it was in 2015.
2: Downgrade to third party, fire and theft cover Many people choose comprehensive cover when buying car insurance.
Should I be hit with a double-digit price increase every year, there could soon come a day when I simply cannot afford my car insurance.

Top five tips to help save you hundreds on your car insurance

As it stated in Irrespective of the degrees, however, active smartphone users, deadly road accidents and auto insurance premiums all appear to be on the rise.
America’s drivers are said to be becoming more dangerous and insurance premiums are skyrocketing.
Of the 18 to 29-year-old drivers, 64% said they text while driving, and 54% said they use the internet behind the wheel.
See also: One reason why people quit Google’s car project: they got paid too muchEstimates from the Insurance Information Institute indicates that auto insurance costs have increased every year since 2009 and The Wall Street Journal suggests that this is will continue to rise despite increasing prominence of cars with anti-collision technology.
The reason?

As it stated in

Lawmakers contemplate boosting car insurance liability coverage – Arizona Capitol Times

“I guess we’ll just put them all on welfare.”But Brophy McGee said her legislation is written with the poor in mind.
She said these are the people who buy the minimum insurance with the belief that’s sufficient if that’s all the state requires.
SB1111 also sets the minimum coverage for property damage – generally repairs to someone else’s vehicle – at $25,000, up from $10,000, the current amount.
“They find through hard experience that they do not have sufficient insurance to cover the damages,” Brophy McGee said.
“We have a lot of folks out there right now that are faced with the choice of keeping their lights on or paying their auto insurance,” Farnsworth continued.

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