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Toyota announces recall for all Mirai fuel cell cars according to : paultan

referring to In Cars, International News, Toyota / By Gerard Lye / 21 February 2017 1:16 pm / 10 comments Toyota has announced a recall for all Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars sold due to an issue with the output voltage generated by their fuel cell system.
Thankfully, the fix merely involves an update for the fuel cell system software, a process that takes about half an hour.
In the report by Reuters, about 2,840 Mirai cars in Japan, the United States and some markets in Europe, as well as the United Arab Emirates are affected.
The Mirai went on sale in Japan in December 2014, followed by the United States in August 2015.
The company will contact all owners of the Mirai to arrange for an appointment with their respective local authorised dealer for the correction.



as declared in Subsequent to scheduling an appointment with a local authorized dealer, the fuel cell system software will be updated free of charge.
Toyota has yet to announce if this problem led to any incidents on the road or when the recall will begin but we should learn more on the subject once an official statement will be released.
This process is estimated to take roughly half an hour.
PHOTO GALLERYToyota Motor Corp is conducting a safety recall that covers all units of the Mirai sold globally.The number revolves around 2,800 and includes the cars delivered to the United States, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and some countries in Europe, according toUnder certain driving conditions, such as having the throttle depressed after a long descent while using cruise control, the output voltage generated by the fuel cell boost converter could exceed maximum voltage.As with all recall campaigns, the company will contact all owners of the Mirai and inform them on the situation.

Toyota Mirai recall to fix output voltage on fuel cell electronics

as declared in 2017 Toyota Mirai Enlarge PhotoEvery Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car sold anywhere in the world will soon be recalled to address an issue with its onboard electronics.
2017 Toyota Mirai Enlarge PhotoHyundai actually delivered its first Tucson Fuel Cell crossovers to California customers before Toyota launched the Mirai, while Honda began deliveries of its Clarity Fuel Cell last December.
2017 Toyota Mirai Enlarge PhotoInstalling the software update is expected to take about half an hour per car.
The problem lies with the output voltage generated by the cars’ fuel-cell stacks.
Toyota began selling the Mirai in its home market of Japan in December 2014, while the first U.S. deliveries began in November 2015.

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