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These are the 18 most reliable used cars of 2017 according to : businessinsider

as informed in The data is based on the 65,000 cars for sale on the site and the cars that spent the least amount of time in the used cars section.
Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSIAverage price: R198,003Average time to sell: 73 daysRead: These are the most reliable cars and car brands
Ford Figo 1.4Average price: R83,483Average time to sell: 14 days3.
Volkswagen Polo Vivo 1.4Average price: R102,142Average time to sell: 18 days4.
The Chevrolet Spark (1.2) was the fastest-selling used car for January 2017 with an average list time of just 6 days.



Top high performance used cars under Rs 5 lakh

as informed in However, the performance offered by such cars can be considered equivalent to cars priced above Rs 20 lakh and give these vehicles a run for their money in the performance game.
Here is a list of such iconic cars that performed brilliantly on tarmac.
There are cars which have been under rated in India owing to their not so good mileage figures.
Some of these iconic cars were discontinued due to their lower demand in a country where mileage of a vehicle is one of the prime parameters of a purchase.
However, the lower fuel efficiency was due to their high performing capabilities.

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