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F Stock: Ford Motor Company (F) Stock May Be a Sweet Ride in 2017 according to : Investor Place

as mentioned in F Stock in the Coming YearThe performance of F stock doesn’t appear to be justified by the company’s fundamentals, including its expected 2018 rebound.
F stock is stuck in neutral, gaining less than 1% over the past year as investors fretted about its disappointing fourth-quarter results and lackluster 2017 outlook.
In a market where bargains are hard to find, Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F ) is a compelling value.
F stock is poised to save $3 billion annually through 2018 through a cost-cutting program including zero-based budgeting among other things.
Finally, there is the F stock price.

Ford: Breakout Ahead – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)

As it stated in Ford Motor Company (F) is an interesting player in the Consumer Goods space, with a focus on Auto Manufacturers – Major.
Ford Motor Company (F) currently trades with a market capitalization of $50.68 Billion.
In recent action, Ford Motor Company (F) has made a move of +1.36% over the past month, which has come on weak relative transaction volume.
Looking at the stock’s movement on the chart, Ford Motor Company recorded a 52-week high of $13.67.
Given the stock’s recent action, it seemed like a good time to take a closer look at the company’s recent data.

As it stated in It is clear that traders are increasingly seeing the strong outlook given my leading indicators like the ISM index.

Mainly because it is used in the car industry to a large extend and because the correlation to car stocks is relatively high.
On a side note, I strongly believe that the ISM index is going to be higher in February.
At this point, we see accelerating leading indicators and the start of a new bull case for car manufacturers.
In other words, the odds of higher domestic car sales are surging.

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