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Houston girl, 8, shot dead moments after car crash stat : Fox News

as declared in Houston police are investigating a shooting that killed an 8-year-old girl moments after a car crash Saturday.
First her car was hit then her daughter was shot by a woman.
A white car that police say may have been racing another vehicle ran a red light, crashing into them.
“I just want the person that did this to know they took away my baby…they took away half of my heart,” says Jarmon.
Jarmon and her daughter were five minutes from home when their vehicle was hit.

Houston girl, 8, shot dead moments after car crash

according to Image copyright GoFundMe Image caption De’Maree was a primary school studentAn eight-year-old girl has been shot dead moments after surviving a car crash in Texas, police say.
Image copyright GoFundMe Image caption De’Maree had been asleep in the backseat of the carThe white Pontiac involved in the crash was found abandoned at the scene.
De’Maree Atkins was asleep in the back seat of her mother’s car when the crash occurred at around 02:00 local time early on Saturday in Houston.
“I pulled her (DeMaree) out of the car,” Ms Jarmon-Thomas told ABC News.
Ms Jarmon-Thomas – who said she suspected the attack was caused by “road rage” – appealed for the suspects to turn themselves in.


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