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iTech Post : declared in BMW Cancels Out On Android Auto

according to BMW Cancels Out On Android AutoBMW once mentioned that it will add support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the future.
However, as per the company’s most recent interview, BMW said that it is removing Android Auto from its plans after all.
With that, BMW felt that it doesn’t have room for the Android Auto screen.
Android Auto, on the other hand, will be removed.
As per the source, BMW will be able to focus on A2A or Apps for Auto.

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BMW won’t be adding Android Auto to its cars

Senior Vice President of Digital Services and Business Models at BMW, Dieter May, in an interview with TechCrunch revealed that BMW has no plans of integrating Android Auto with their cars.
“We offer [Apple’s] CarPlay as an option but not Android Auto,” he said.
In his interview, May stressed on how BMW would prefer to be in control of its customers’ user experience as part of the brand experience.
“We believe the changes that are coming to the inside of the car and the user experience — like self-driving cars — you have to control the customer interface.
BMW’s own cloud platform saves user preferences and other data about a car online and allows drivers to take their profiles and preferences with them from car to car.

BMW Android Auto Support Ruled Out

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Even though it offers support for Apple CarPlay in some models as an option, it has ruled out Android Auto support in its cars for now.
Car manufacturers are increasingly integrating infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to ensure that their customers have access to the system of their choice.
Despite the fact that it does offer CarPlay support as an option, BMW is more focused on promoting and further developing its own Apps for Auto platform which is part of its ConnectedDrive system.
The executive’s comments make it seem that the company isn’t really too excited about adding Android Auto to it cars so that means that those who have been holding on hope for it to eventually arrive might have to look elsewhere because for now, it doesn’t seem like BMW is interested in Android Auto support for its cars at all.

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