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Volkswagen’s autonomous concept car arrives on the button quoting : thedrum

as mentioned in In a statement Volkswagen wrote: “Sedric is the pioneer, the ideas platform for autonomous driving in the Volkswagen Group.
Volkswagen is seeking to put itself in the front seat of a looming driverless car revolution by unveiling its own concept car as an early hint of what the future might bring.
Despite a turbulent recent history borne out of ‘dieselgate’ emissions scandal Volkswagen was recently crowned the world’s top car maker.
Sedric (self-driving car) has been conceived from the ground up to give a demonstrative insight into what the future might mean for road traffic, personal mobility and Volkswagen’s own destination.
And it is the “Father” of numerous concepts for a new form of individual mobility.

Volkswagen's autonomous concept car arrives on the button

as informed in Volkswagen unveiled a concept driverless car which it is describing as a “comfortable lounge on wheels”, equipped with a voice assistant like Apple’s Siri and a windscreen that serves as a massive TV.
In November, Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen told CNBC, that the carmaker is working on its own shared ownership model and ride hailing capabilities.
The idea of automakers owning fleets of vehicles in a sort of shared ownership model that are able to be hailed instantly has taken off in recent times.
Sedric is the name of Volkswagen’s concept and it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on Monday.
Volkswagen said Sedric can recognize users with the doors opening automatically.

as informed in

Sedric concept is VW Group’s first concept, first Level 5 self-driving car

It’s also the automaker’s first car to be billed as a true “Level 5” self-driving car.
The VW Group has previously said it will be ready to license a competitive self-driving system by the end of the decade.
Handling a lot of the development is a new VW Group think tank called the Future Center.
The VW Group describes the Sedric as the “father” of further concepts from each of the automaker’s brands.
The concept is called the Sedric, and it’s the first vehicle to be launched by the VW Group itself and not one of the automaker’s brands.

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