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Popular Mechanics : declared in Airbus Has a Concept for a Transforming, Flying Car

according to But in the meantime, Airbus has revealed a concept vehicle which is part self-driving car, part flying machine called a Pop.Up.
We’re still waiting for the flying car, and it looks like we might still be waiting for a very long while.
AirbusMost PopularLast year, Airbus unveiled the design of the Vahana, and as of February, the Vahana Medium page is still updating.
Advertisement – Continue Reading BelowThe Pop.Up, unveiled during the 87th Geneva International Motor Show, is what Airbus bills as “the first modular, fully electric, zero emission concept vehicle system designed to relieve traffic congestion in crowded megacities.”
So even though we haven’t seen any real progress, it’s fair to say that Airbus hasn’t given up on it quite yet.

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Italdesign Pop.Up Concept Revealed In Geneva, It’s An Idea For A Flying Car

The craft does not need to carry the weight of both systems at all times.While this solution will not see production too soon, if ever, it is a creative idea that may finally turn the dream of a flying car to reality in a few decades from now.
The result is the Pop.Up Concept, which is an exhibit at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.Instead of fitting a car with wings or placing a drivetrain and steering system on an aircraft, the two partners have figured out that these two “jobs” must be separated.
Therefore, they have created a passenger capsule, which is the Pop.Up, and it can be attached to a ground module or an electric car platform.The vehicle is a self-driving one , and it comes with a dedicated AI system, which is designed to alleviate traffic problems in crowded cities.
Unfortunately, except a few experimental vehicles, like the 1954 Taylor Aerocar, and the recent Terrafugia creations, no manufacturer has successfully launched and marketed a “flying car.”There have been attempts, many have failed, but people still dream of the day when they will be able to own an automobile that could fly, if desired, but is also roadworthy.The latest swing at the idea of a flying car comes from Airbus and Italdesign, two companies that have teamed up to create an innovative vehicle that tries to do both jobs.
Its two passengers start off a journey by driving in the carbon-fiber cabin with the road module attached.If things get crowded, and side street seems like a proper alternative to the traffic, the air module will come into action to make the craft fly The coolest part about this concept is that its wheeled powertrain can drive itself back to a base, and so can the eight-rotor setup of the air system.

Airbus Has A Flying Car Concept That's Just Two Years Away From Never Happening

as mentioned in That’s sort of too bad, because the fundamental concept behind this particular flying car is a little more viable and clever than the usual flying car concept.
The little car module has two electric motors making a combined 80 horsepower, and has a range of 80 miles.
Airplane-maker Airbus and legendary coachbuilder Italdesign have teamed up to make a novel flying-car concept called Pop.Up that, like all flying car concepts, is just two years away from never fucking going to happen.
The flying unit has four motors making 182 HP, with a range of about 60 miles.
Design-wise, there’s some appeal here, but it still seems to be a logistical nightmare that, it’s worth reiterating, isn’t going to fucking happen, like every other flying car since that flying Pinto crashed.

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