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Toyota i-TRIL previews autonomous electric city car stat : Auto car

as mentioned in The Toyota i-TRIL electric city car concept has been revealed at the Geneva motor show, showcasing the manufacturer’s vision of urban mobility in 2030.
It has been developed as an electric alternative to small city cars, and features a one-plus-two seating layout as well as ‘Active Lean’ and autonomous technology.
The i-TRIL is 3000mm long and 1510mm wide, with front and rear tracks at 1200mm and 600mm.
Toyota says an angle of 10 degrees of lean allows better stability and grip.
That makes it bigger than the Renault Twizy – which is 2320mm long and 1190 wide – but smaller than a Hyundai i10 – which is 3665mm long and 1660mm wide.

Toyota i-TRIL previews autonomous electric city car

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Toyota brought the i-TRIL concept car to the Geneva Motor Show for its world debut today.
The small (very small) electric vehicle has close-set rear wheels, three seats and Active Lean technology for banking around street corners.
It’s designed to be small, maneuverable, easy to park and able to handle a lot of stop-and-go.
The car, developed by Toyota Motors Europe with an assist from the company’s ED2 design studio in Nice, France, is intended to bring a bit of fun to 30- to 50-year-old moms in the year 2030, while they do their kid-hauling in the small- to medium-sized suburban towns that are expected to see the bulk of population growth in Europe.

Toyota i-TRIL concept: 3-seat electric leans to the future

referring to By Bob Nagy on March 8, 2017 6:45 AMOffering another look at a city-centric vehicle of tomorrow, the Toyota i-TRIL Concept debuted in Geneva.
To that end, the i-TRIL has a 1+2 seating configuration in a diminutive (9.3-feet) package scaled to scoot through traffic with ease.
Created by Toyota Motors Europe (TME) in collaboration with the company’s ED² design studio in Nice, it matches clean electric power with the automaker’s Active Lean technology first seen on its i-Road Concept and throws in autonomous driving capability for good measure.
It offers an impressive 13.2-foot turning circle thanks to its ability to lean into corners at a 10-degree angle.
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