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splicetoday : declared in My Failed Prediction About the Republican Party

as informed in The Republican Party is hanging in there, thank you.
If America is lucky, that wreck will be the Republican Party and nothing else.
When Trump won the Republican primaries, the party’s voters served notice that they didn’t believe in their own party.
He told his own party’s voters that the previous man had been a disaster, and the voters didn’t mind at all.
The Trump dream wasn’t, at that point, the same as the GOP dream.

as mentioned in

The Republican Party Must Find Its Moral Center Or Face Its Demise

The Party of Abraham Lincoln is no more and the Trump Russia scandal may not only destroy Donald Trump’s presidency but the entire Republican party.
Now less than fifty days into Donald Trump’s presidency this Republican moral failing has reached its apotheosis.
The Republican Party’s moral center continued to crumble throughout Donald Trump’s campaign as with very few exceptions elected leaders were unwilling to speak out against his repeated spewing of hate and bigotry.
Amid a growing amount of intelligence information that begs for an independent investigation into the Russian hacking of the election, Congressional Republicans continue to downplay this need.
As Russian smoke billows around Donald Trump and his scandal ridden swamp and as information slowly leaks into the public domain, Congressional Republicans double down on placing party before country.

The Republican Party ‘has been faking it for years’

as mentioned in Paul Krugman (Screenshot)New York Times columnist Paul Krugman asserted on Monday that Donald Trump’s presidency has shown that the Republican Party is completely unprepared and unable to enact the policies it has promised voters for years.
“The whole party, it turns out, has been faking it for years.
“But the broader Republican quagmire — the party’s failure so far to make significant progress toward any of its policy promises — isn’t just about Mr. Trump’s inadequacies,” Krugman writes.
“And it’s not a pretty sight.”Read Paul Krugman’s entire column here.
In his Monday column, Krugman notes that the Republican Party’s failure to pass legislation like the repeal and replacement of President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform law has little to do with the temper tantrums and antics of President Donald Trump.

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