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The Week : declared in WikiLeaks releases thousands of apparent CIA documents

referring to WikiLeaks on Tuesday released documents it said described Central Intelligence Agency hacking tools.
WikiLeaks said the collection of documents was bigger and more significant than the trove of National Security Agency documents leaked by former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.
The initial release included 7,818 web pages with 943 attachments, but WikiLeaks said its full collection of CIA material includes several hundred million lines of computer code.
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If proved authentic, the latest leak by the anti-secrecy site would deal a significant blow to U.S. intelligence agencies by exposing methods they use to spy on people using smartphones, computers, and internet-linked smart TVs.

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Microsoft: Systems seem safe from WikiLeaks alleged CIA hacks

Regardless, Microsoft said computers powered by its Windows 10 software should be safe from the “dated” vulnerabilities that appear to target “older systems.”
Apple and Google have similarly said customers running their latest software appear to be safe from vulnerabilities, though about 97 percent of devices powered by Android are running on older software.
Sarah Tew/CNETThe Central Intelligence Agency’s alleged hacking tools shouldn’t be able to crack the latest Windows PCs.
The software can even target smart TVs and connected cars, WikiLeaks said.
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WikiLeaks CIA Revelations Highlight Stakes in Debate About Cyber Offense Vs. Defense

as declared in WikiLeaks’ publication of hacking tools purportedly used by the Central Intelligence Agency highlight the stakes in a debate about the merits of basing cybersecurity on offense vs.
A focus on the tools of attack can create certain kinds of risks because such tools may be difficult, if not impossible, to keep […] defense., experts said Tuesday.

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