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thedrum : declared in Kong: Skull Island leaves an impression in LA in far-reaching experiential marketing campaign

referring to Submit tips: #LAlovesKONGpic.twitter.com/JlTENrjAgZ — Kong: Skull Island (@kongskullisland) March 8, 2017BREAKING NEWS: The King is on the move through LA.
Submit tips: #LALlovesKONGpic.twitter.com/mFXjgcqwdg — Kong: Skull Island (@kongskullisland) March 6, 2017OMG!!!
#LALovesKong@wbpictures@kongskullislandpic.twitter.com/BUpAXFxpTB — Jasen Smith (@JasenSmith22) March 5, 2017BREAKING: Reported seismic activity near LA’s Runyon Canyon result of large ape-like creature.
The footprints, first spotted by Adweek, were spotted in Los Angeles’ Dockweiler Beach, near Capitol Records HQ, Microsoft Square, Runyon Canyon and Dolby Theatre.
The experiential activity brought to life by Grandesign touched down at five points in LA to generate buzz around the return of the franchise to the silver screen.

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Kong Skull Island Samuel L Jackson Typecast Black Roles

How can viewers reconcile his personal views and the kind of person he plays in movies?
If anything, some of his more extreme roles are likely a kind of escape; a way to explore humanity’s extremes without having so much at stake.
I think it is because of his firsthand experiences with civil rights and other Black liberation movements that he does not prioritize acting as a site of resistance.
I’ll just keep rolling my eyes when he gets particularly ridiculous.
So perhaps we don’t need to cancel Jackson just yet.

Kong: Skull Island Director Talks Essential Metal Gear Characters

according to Kojima conversations is certainly a clean way to address the brilliant – but undeniably weird – dialogue spread throughout the Metal Gear Solid games.
Vogt-Robert’s desire to faithfully translate the charms and quirks of the Metal Gear franchise to the big screen is certainly ambitious.
“I actually do think that considering breaking the fourth wall is an important part of potentially what that movie would be,” said the director.
For instance, Vogt-Roberts has already been thinking about whether the game’s fourth wall breaks are going to be in the movie.
and the part of me that was a little kid was like, ‘there’s no world in which I’m ever going to make a Metal Gear movie that Cyborg Ninja is not going to be in.’

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