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How The Growth Of Online Players Is Shaping The Automotive Industry In India stat : inc42

As it stated in Changing consumer demands, rapidly changing technology and growth of online players are shaping the automotive industry in India.
ConclusionOnline players in the automotive industry have given the much-needed push to the automotive industry in India.
The impact of the growth of online players in the automotive industry is significant, as most of the customers are showing interest in online platforms and services offered by them.
128 SHARES Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Linkedin Google Pinterest RedditBuoyed by the favourable growth forecast for the India economy, in recent years, India has seen a transformation in the domestic automotive industry.
With increased Internet penetration and availability of multiple channels, industry players are able to substantially increase their customer touch points by the creation of online or web-based platforms.

How The Growth Of Online Players Is Shaping The Automotive Industry In India

As it stated in This industrial policy by the PRC is in fact what is right now driving the critical materials for OEM automotive commodity market globally.
Over the coming decade 2017-2027 the driver of demand for critical materials is most likely to be China’s industrial policy, known as China Manufacturing 2025.
Can private equity on its own compete with capitalism with Chinese characteristics in the OEM automotive industry?
Without any further ado I will tell you that the most critical materials for the Chinese OEM automotive industry are those that are used to manufacture batteries for the powertrains of electrified vehicles, EVs.
I personally do not think so, but for investors in critical materials it doesn’t matter there will now be an at least one decade long daily increasing demand for critical materials for the OEM automotive industry’s EV changeover just in China.

China 2025, The OEM Automotive Industry And Critical Materials

As it stated in Browse numerous Market Tables as well as Figures which are spread through 160 Pages and an in-depth TOC on the “Smart Battery Market 2016 – 2021” http://www.marketintelreports.com/report/esr0137/smart-battery-market-analysis-by-type-lead-acid-nimh-nicd-zinc-carbon-lithium-ion-lithium-ion-polymer-alkaline-by-application-consumer-electronics-industrial-automotive-aerospace–defense-healthcare–others–with-forecast-20162021Scope & Regional Forecast of the Smart Battery MarketA smart battery, also known as a smart battery case or pack, is rechargeable and comes equipped with an internal battery management system.
: Lead acid, Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), Nickel cadmium (NiCd), Zinc Carbon, Lithium Ion, Lithium Ion Polymer, Alkaline and Others.
Just like other smart electronics, a smart battery charger has the ability to exchange data with other supporting devices.
Thus, the Smart Battery Market is primed to enjoy a significant amount of growth during the forecast period of 2016-2021.
Currently, the Smart Battery Market is dominated by demand originating from Asia-Pacific despite North America being one of the early adopters.

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