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6 impotant reasons to leave your car insurance company

Our investigation has also prompted two Illinois lawmakers and a California consumer group to call for strengthening protections against redlining in auto insurance.
Established in 2010 under the Dodd-Frank Act, the Federal Insurance Office may become a casualty of the Republican effort to replace that law.
The House Financial Services Committee is expected to hold a hearing on the CHOICE Act today.
The CHOICE Act would combine these two roles into one within the Treasury Department, called the Independent Insurance Advocate.
In their letter to Mnuchin, sent Monday, the six members said it is important to maintain the office’s role as an independent overseer of insurance practices.

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Energy bills: car insurance model will not help consumers, says charity

 car insurance

Scottish Power has the smallest percentage customers on standard variable tariffs among the big energy suppliers.
Scottish Power, one of the big six energy suppliers, said the Conservative election pledge to cap standard variable tariffs may harm competition.
“But questions remain about what happens to customers’ bills when those deals end.
Martin Lewis, the founder of Money Saving Expert, said an annual “call to action” could increase engagement in the market for the two-thirds of people on standard variable tariffs.
But charity Citizens Advice said the idea could, in practice, amount to a rebadging of standard variable tariffs, which households default to at the end of better value fixed-term deals.

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6 reasons to leave your car insurance company

car insurance

The Zebra’s licensed insurance agent and adviser Neil Richardson offers his expert advice on when it’s time to leave your insurance company:1.
Julia Eddington writes about the auto industry for Quoted, the content and news hub of The Zebra, a car insurance comparison company based in Austin, Texas.
Here are some things that may impact your car insurance.
Even if your rates and coverage were equal among a handful of insurance companies, we remind you: It’s not all about price.
“Life changes — big or small — could put you in a new risk category, which might mean you’re a better fit with a different insurance company,” Richardson said.


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