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Oklahoma Insurance Department considering your insurance needs

Now I don’t get into accidents, but I’m admittedly an aggressive driver driver, so I was really curious to see my quote.
Now I was bundling my car insurance with homeowner’s which earned me a higher discount than if I just had car insurance alone.
“I received my renewal rate from my old car insurance company and I said what is this?”
(Photo: Barry Wolf, WKYC)CLEVELAND – We have a follow up on that Ohio-based car insurance company our Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino told you about a few weeks ago.
“So far it seems like you’re a good driver,” Dan said.

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As it stated in On Wednesday, Florida House lawmakers passed legislation to get rid of Florida’s no-fault insurance.
WTSP photoIt could change the way your auto insurance coverage works and maybe even lower how much you pay.
Should Florida get rid of no-fault insurance?
Another downside involves those who might not need auto insurance such as walkers or bicyclists.
10News WTSP looked into the pros and cons of no-fault insurance.

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As it stated in It is more stressful now that car insurance rates continue to increase, and many of the reasons have nothing to do with your driving ability.
It’s also needing to be financially ready for car maintenance, and car insurance.
“Oklahoma is a bad state for wind and hail, so we have a lot of bad hail storms, a lot of bad wind storms, ice storms, wildfires.
The Oklahoma Insurance Department also recommends considering your insurance needs.
Severe weather makes insurance rates generally more expensive in the Sooner State.


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