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BMW i3 is a great car for anyone but especially novice teen drivers

So, I was thrilled to find IIHS’s list of best used cars for teen drivers.
This is a great car for anyone – but especially novice teen drivers – who live where there’s snow.
The list is broken down into “Best” (under $20K) and “Good” (under $10K) cars and organized by vehicle segment.
Note: IIHS pulled current pricing information from Kelley Blue Book, and used the base model without options as our guide.
There are 88 cars on this list, 45 of which achieve a Top Safety Pick + Award.

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BMW i3 is one of UK’s best used cars under £15,000

BMW i3

Even on this side of the Atlantic, the BMW i3 can be found for pretty cheap on the used market.
So it’s often used cars that are the better value, as you let the first owner take the depreciation hit.
Because of that, you can find some really great cars for quite cheap on the second-hand market.
So a used i3 can be a great starting point for someone who just wants to dip their toes into EV waters.
That’s quite cheap for a car that has its passenger cell developed from carbon fiber and runs entirely on electricity.

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Air bags find their way into used cars

used card

“People are not going to know until it’s too late that they have a defective Takata air bag,” he said.
Unlike most other air bag makers, Takata used the chemical ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion to inflate the bags in a crash.
Nothing prevents the reuse of air bags from older models to fix wrecked cars that can then be resold, often to unsuspecting buyers.
Honda spokesman Chris Martin said the air bag in the 2001 Accord must have been removed by a salvage yard, or perhaps stolen.
It’s legal under federal law for air bag assemblies or other parts subject to recall to be pulled out of wrecked cars and sold by junkyards to repair shops that may not know the danger.


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