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Ford made a $176 million pre-tax profit in Europe

Before taxes, the profit was $2.2 billion; that’s down 42 percent from its record-setting $3.8 billion pre-tax profit last year.
Meanwhile, Ford made a $176 million pre-tax profit in Europe, down from $258 million during the same period in 2106.
Ford saw a strong performance in North America, the company said, where it made a $2 billion pre-tax profit.
Ford earned $1.6 billion in the first quarter of 2017, according to results reported Thursday by the company.
Industry analysts with Everscore ISI said it is unclear how much of the first-quarter results will carry into the second quarter.

Ford Fusion
As it stated in

ScreenDrive: 2017 Ford Fusion Energi is the first car with Alexa

One of the screens you can leave on has weird “efficiency leaves” that grow more abundantly when you’re driving economically.
The Ford Fusion Energi swaps the shift gear for a rotational dial, which took a bit to get used to compared to the stick-style shift in my personal Ford Escape, but I ended up quite liking the dial.
Given how quickly new Alexa skills are added on the Echo, I’m more confident in Amazon’s abilities to update Alexa for the car than in Ford to fine-tune SYNC 3.
Like Android Auto, the Alexa software appears to be better at voice recognition in the car than SYNC 3.
You can also ask Alexa to play songs from Amazon Prime Music, read an Audible book, or add items to your shopping list as you’re driving.
Ford profits

As it stated in Ford’s first-quarter revenue increased 4% to $39.1 billion compared with $37.7 billion for the same period a year ago.
The automaker earned 39 cents per share for the quarter compared with the 36 cents that Wall Street analysts, on average, expected.
Despite the rough first quarter, Ford said it still expects to earn a pretax profit of about $9 billion for the year.
In Europe, where the industry continues to recover, Ford reported a pretax profit of $176 million compared with $434 million last year.
In Asia, Ford said it earned a pretax profit of $124 million compared with $220 million for the same period last year.


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