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Pit bull attacks kids strapped in car seats inside minivan

Lancaster police say the children’s mother managed to pull the animal off them with the help of neighbors and others.
LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) – Police in Pennsylvania say a pit bull escaped from its yard and somehow got into a minivan, attacking a 2-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy as they sat strapped into their car seats.
A witness who tells WPMT-TV he helped wrestle the dog off the kids Monday says the boy had extreme facial injuries after the attack.
Tom Grab says he pulled the dog off and held onto it, but it managed to wriggle free and resume attacking.
He says the mother was eventually able to flee and drive to a hospital.

Pit bull attacks kids strapped in car seats inside minivan

as mentioned in A pit bull burst through a backyard fence, made its way into a nearby minivan and mauled two young children as they sat helplessly strapped into their car seats, police said.
The mayhem ended when the owner of the 5-year-old pit bull terrier came out and secured the dog, authorities said.
She was treated for scratches, but her children are being treated for serious injuries.
Several other people in the area also helped the mother, who drove to a nearby hospital after the dog was removed from the vehicle.
Tom Grab told WPMT-TV that he was able to pull the 66-pound dog off the boy, but it wriggled free and continued the bloody assault.

Puppy rescued after being left inside 133-degree car in Riverside

as mentioned in pic.twitter.com/Y9KkETsgEq — RivCO animalSERVICES (@helpinRIVcoPETS) June 21, 2017Registered Veterinary Technician Tonya Buenrostro comforts pup left inside hot car.
This was temperature reading after we saved puppy from hot car in downtown Riverside this morning.
pic.twitter.com/Cb7ygzgJak — RivCO animalSERVICES (@helpinRIVcoPETS) June 21, 2017A 2-month-old puppy was rescued after being left inside a sweltering car in downtown Riverside on Wednesday.Two officers from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services saved “Misty,” a female pit bull mix.The temperature inside the vehicle was 133 degrees, said John Welsh, the department’s public information officer.
But law enforcement should be called and the person should only attempt breaking in if it appears help will not arrive in time.
Pup survived 133-degree temp.

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