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Toyota Camry 2018 on its way to the Middle East

2018 Toyota Camry on its way to the Middle East All-new Toyota saloon is expected to be revealed at 2017 Dubai International Motor Show later this year The ubiquitous Toyota Camry is, doubtless, one of the most popular family cars in the world with over 10 million sold in the seven generations it has existed.
It will possibly cost a touch more than the current car’s AED83,900 price tag, too.
Set to be sold as a 2018 model the new Camry in underpinned by Toyota’s TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) modular platform, and will outclass the current model in every aspect.
The four-pot version, which will undoubtedly be the popular choice, now makes 206bhp and 250Nm of torque compared to the current car’s 180bhp and 240Nm of twist.
Toyota claims, the interior will also be more refined when it comes to keeping out road and wind noise.

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Auto review: Toyota Camry looks to shed its vanilla persona

Yet midsize car sales are declining, with 63 percent of U.S. auto buyers opting for trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.
Consider the Toyota Camry, whose moniker is derived from the Japanese word for crown, kanmuri.
Enter the redesigned 2018 Toyota Camry, which aims to banish the model’s bland reputation.
The 2018 Toyota Camry is two inches longer and less than one inch wider than the Camry it replaces, and passengers sit about one inch lower than last year.
Since replacing the Corona with the Camry in 1983, Toyota has sold more than 18 million worldwide, most sporting a conservative persona.
Toyota Camry 2018

as informed in The 2018 Camry will be built on Toyota’s new platform, called Toyota New Global Architecture, as part of a cost-saving measure to streamline the production process.
The Camry’s entry-level hybrid is 30 percent more fuel efficient than the outgoing model, delivering 52 mpg combined, the same as the Toyota Prius.
Toyota Motor North America Seeking to shake its reputation as dependable, safe, and boring, America’s bestselling car is broadening its lineup to include “a Camry for everyone.”The Toyota Camry, which helped spearhead the popular mid-size sedan segment when it launched stateside in 1983, has been the best-selling car here for the last 15 years.
Analysts say the move will support Toyota’s role in continuing to set the standard for versatile mid-size sedans.
The Camry’s standard gasoline engine returns 34 mpg combined, a 26 percent improvement over the last one.

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