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Utah’s Mike Lee compares Obamacare to car insurance in online town hall discussing health care bill

“Imagine if car insurance companies were required to charge everyone the same car insurance rate regardless of how likely they were to get into an accident,” he said.
In explaining how he sees the amendment as improving upon the Affordable Care Act, Lee compared health care coverage to car insurance.
“Now, of course, I understand car insurance and health insurance are very different products,” Lee added.
The senator’s 57-minute online town hall, where he addressed 15 questions on health care, had brief spots of tension along those lines.
“People can choose not to drive, but many people need health care in order to survive.”

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according to Last year the average car insurance premium was £440, which is a big slice to find if you’re paying it in one go.
Go for the lowest insurance groupingEvery car goes into one of a range of insurance bands, with factors like repair costs, driver assistance systems, security kit and so on all influencing which band the car goes in.
Drive lessYou bought a car to drive, but the reality for many younger drivers is that the less they drive, the cheaper it is.
The rise in rates is largely down to rises in the Insurance Premium Tax, but other factors include personal injury claims and the increased cost of repairs.
Keep your no claims bonus safeA small prang might not be worth claiming on the insurance since, again, the cost would be less than the premium rise.

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