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Toyota quicken China electric vehicle outline

A Toyota executive said it was “natural” to seek to introduce electric cars in China ahead of rivals as emission regulations are becoming tougher.
Toyota set up a division to step up development of electric vehicles last year and President Akio Toyoda is in charge of the team.
Toyota may produce the electric version of the C-HR small crossover sport utility vehicle which it plans to start manufacturing in China in 2018.
The production of zero-emission vehicles is in line with Toyota’s earlier plan to start large-scale output of electric vehicles by 2020 to meet stricter exhaust emission regulations worldwide.
NAGOYA, JAPAN: Toyota Motor Corp is considering beginning mass production of electric vehicles in China as early as 2019, as the Chinese government plans to require carmakers to build a minimum number of environmentally friendly vehicles, a source familiar with the matter said on Saturday.

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Toyota eyes mass electric vehicle output in China as early as 2019: report

A logo of Toyota Motor Corp is seen at the company’s showroom in Tokyo, Japan June 14, 2016.
TOKYO (Reuters) – Toyota Motor Corp is likely to begin mass production of electric vehicles (EVs) in China as early as 2019, the Asahi daily reported on Saturday.
Toyota spokesman Ryo Sakai said: “We are going to introduce EVs in China with a few years.
The model will be based on the C-HR sport utility vehicle and manufactured for Chinese market only, the report said without citing sources.
The pace of production is to be decided after taking into account the regulations and the subsidies, the report said, adding that annual output could start with more than several thousand units.
Toyota May Start Mass Producing Electric Vehicles In China As Early As 2019

referring to Toyota Flying CarBesides electric cars, Toyota is looking into flying cars.
Toyota could start mass production of electric cars in China as early as 2019, according to Nikkei.
The automaker will offer the electric and hybrid cars in three categories: fully electric, plug-in hybrid (twin engine) and mild hybrid (48 volts).
The automaker will produce its first fully electric car in China based on its smaller car models.
Volvo will release five fully electric and hybrid models between 2019 and 2021, and has set a goal of selling 1 million electric cars by 2025.

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