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North Hills police addressing potential fume leaks into cabin of Ford sport utility vehicles

North Hills police departments report no problems with carbon monoxide leaking into the cabins of Ford Explorers in their fleets.
But they are taking steps to ensure the vehicles their officers drive don’t make their job even more risky.
The announcement of an engineering analysis by the agency comes on the heels of a large number of reports of carbon monoxide exposure by owners, with more than 2,700 complaints registered.
The issue of exhaust fumes leaking into the cabin may be linked to three crashes and 41 injuries, the NHTSA noted.
Franklin Park police Chief Donald Dorsch and the borough’s fire Marshal last week tested the department’s seven 2011-17 Explorers with carbon monoxide detectors.

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Ford engineer teams find crises in police sport utility vehicles

Ford Police Interceptor modifications (Photo: Ford Motor Co.)Ford Motor Co. says it has repaired more than 50 police Explorer sport utility vehicles for multiple municipalities where officers had been sickened by carbon monoxide while driving those vehicles.
The company reiterated in the statement that it will continue to pay for repairs related to the carbon monoxide leak.
David Green, Austin city spokesman, said officers first complained of carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms in February.
Ford said the exhaust odors reported in regular Explorers are unrelated to the carbon monoxide reports.
“If a vehicle has such an odor, customers should bring it to a Ford dealer to address that issue,” the company said.
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as mentioned in Skip in Skip x Embed x Share CLOSE Ford has dispatched teams of investigators to help fix an exhaust fume issue reported in Explorer police sport utility vehicles.
WochitAn image from the rear of a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor sport utility vehicles shows how some modifications have created holes that allow fumes inside the vehicles.
A police department in Portsmouth, N.H., has also raised concerns about carbon monoxide fumes leaking into the Explorer’s cabin.
Read more:More fume issues reported with Ford Explorer Police InterceptorsAustin police pulls Ford Explorers off patrol over fumesOn Tuesday, Ford said its primary concern is to ensure the safety of police officers and get to the bottom of the issue.
“Carbon monoxide, also known as CO, is called the invisible killer because it’s a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas.

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