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Radio resolution fixes automotive industry defy

Radio solution fixes automotive industry defy A scalable, flexible and cost-effective car radio solution for the global automotive infotainment market has been introduced by Silicon Labs.
Silicon Labs claims to be the only automotive radio solution provider offering a scalable hardware/software platform that enables car radio suppliers to address multiple markets with a common radio hardware and software design.
The Global Eagle (Si4795x) and Dual Eagle (Si4796x and Si4797x) families of analogue AM/FM receivers and digital radio tuners leverage the company’s patented low-IF digital architecture.
The Digital Falcon (Si469x) family of digital radio coprocessors provides channel demodulation and source decoding of HD Radio and DAB/DAB+ digital signals delivering audio and data.
According to the company, Digital Falcon coprocessors simplify system design and minimise the BOM by eliminating the need for an external RAM memory module for channel decoding.

automotive industry defy

referring to OTTAWA — The automobile and auto parts manufacturing industry remains a key driver of Canada’s economy.
— The automotive industry directly employed 140,404 Canadians in 2016, an increase of almost 15,000 since 2012.
— Canadian-owned automotive parts manufacturers employ 51,923 people — more than half of all employment in this sector globally.
They accounted for $44.9 billion worth of exports (11.5 per cent of a total $389 billion in exports).
1 import — $26.2 billion worth.

Local automotive industry alive and kicking

referring to Titled ‘Directions in Australia’s Automotive Industry’, the report provides a detailed, data-driven snapshot of the local industry in the period leading up to the end of passenger-vehicle manufacturing at Toyota’s Altona plant west of Melbourne and Holden’s Elizabeth plant north of Adelaide.
“With South Australia’s Holden workers looking for jobs there isn’t a better time to retrain them in other areas of the automotive industry,” said Xenophon.
“A key finding in the report is that Australia’s automotive industry is here to stay,” Gwilym was quoted saying in a press release.
Taken as a whole, the automotive industry employs nearly 380,000 staff and contributes $37.1 billion (or 2.2 per cent of GDP) to the country’s economy.
While many lament the passing of the manufacturing industry, the report reveals that building cars and parts account for just 4.4 per cent of the total industry.

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