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This Rolls-Royce Phantom has a 900 HP Toyota 2JZ Under the Hood » AutoGuide.com News

as informed in Most Rolls-Royce Phantom owners would simply get a Fresh vehicle if the full-size luxury sedan’s 6.75-liter V12 engine conked out on them, however thankfully not all wealthy people are quite Extremely predictable.
Speedhunters soon met up by a Rolls-Royce Phantom owner who swapped a Toyota 2JZ inline-six into his Phantom after the V12 it came by bit the dust.
Once the engine has been properly tuned, however, the owner estimates it ought run about 29.4 psi & make closer to 900 horsepower.
SEE ALSO: This 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom is Purple on Purple PerfectionTo help cope by the added power, the Phantom’s floaty air suspension was replaced by a sportier setup by Ohlins dampers.
Nearly every Rolls-Royce is ordered by bespoke options, however we Uncertainty there’s Extremely many Phantoms out there which are as eccentric as this.

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Blasphemy: Rolls-Royce Phantom Gets 900 HP Toyota 2JZ Inline-Six Engine

Blasphemy: Rolls-Royce Phantom Gets 900 HP Toyota 2JZ Inline-Six Engine

The various incarnations of the six-cylinder unit powered various models, however it made a name for itself after finding its method under the hood of the legendary Supra sports car.
With a displacement of 3 liters & numerous technologies meant to make it spill out as much power as possible, the 2JZ can reach as high as 280 hp – 325 hp in the U.S., where Toyota was not bound with Japan’s Gentlemen’s Agreement.That’s not exactly a lot of power with today’s standards, however you must put it into perspective.
Cars back then used to weigh a lot less, plus they were further mechanical, meaning 1990’s horsepower felt much further potent than 2010’s horsepower.Still, 280 hp – or even 325 hp – is in no method a suitable amount to power the largest of the Rolls-Royce limousines, the Phantom.
So he took the 2JZ engine he had lying around & plunked it into the Phantom ‘s engine bay.With room to spare, he then added Trust T78 turbo & an HKS GT8555 supercharger – because that’s another thing these engines have always been know for: extreme tuning.
It’s ridiculous, however then once more Extremely is waiting 2 years for a Fresh engine.

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Rolls-Royce Phantom Gets Toyota Supra Engine by 900 HP

J & K Products were tasked by rebuilding the engine, that received HKS forged internals, a GTS8555 supercharger, & a GReddy T78-33D turbo.
Power is sent to the wheels via an automatic commute by Aristo that’s been given upgraded internals to handle all that power.
Where the Phantom has a column-mounted gear selector, this Fresh unit has its selector mounted on the center console, by engine readings, like water & oil temperature, RPM, speed & boost Stress displayed on gauges that have no place belonging in something as refined as a Rolls.
Videos of the vehicle in action have yet to surface, however This time this vehicle is out in the open, that shouldn’t take long.
Watch this space.

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