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Drive Time: Fresh Toyota C-HR is Extremely quirky, Extremely interesting

as mentioned in Meet the Toyota C-HR, an all-new vehicle on the United States market, an ’18 model, quirky as could be, yet it has drawn all sorts of interest in my drives about town this week.
It’s considered a subcompact sport utility vehicle, yet it offers no all-wheel-drive option, just front-drive.
To more shake a traditionalist, Toyota tells the C-HR naming is for Coupe High-Rider.
A year ago, by the C-HR continue in conceptual stage, Toyota killed its Scion guys division, then directed the Fresh “coupe” to its powerful stable.
The C-HR is built in a Toyota assembly plant in Sakarya, Turkey, and, yes, there are other car-production factories in Turkey.

Drive Time: New Toyota C-HR is so quirky, so interesting

as declared in By following month, Toyota going to declare a Fresh performance series, otherwise known as a sports vehicle lineup, various sources say.
Toyota offers a Racing Growth vehicle lineup in the U.S. under the Toyota brand, & the Fresh cars scheduled for an declaration following 30 days can be offered similarly.
The forthcoming sports vehicle lineup going to signify Toyota’s efforts to develop a reputation for cars that are emotional & aspirational.
Earlier this year, Toyota reported that it would strengthen the GRMN lineup, that is made up of sports editions of Toyota produce vehicles.
Current models of Toyota that are specifically for sports involve the 86 & Yaris GRMN, to name a couple.

as declared in

5 Things We need in the Fresh Toyota Land Cruiser News

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser industrialist imageCARS.COM — Toyota reported its plans for the upcoming International Motor display Germany, & the star of its press conference going to be the unveiling of a redesign for the venerable Land Cruiser on Sept. 12.
As Cars.com’s Aaron Bragman noted in his description of the refreshed 2016 Land Cruiser: “The uncommon & exclusive Toyota Land Cruiser is an excellent $50,000 sport utility car — for that Toyota unfortunately wants $85,000.”
Toyota has been mother on details or teasers for the Fresh Land Cruiser beyond telling we’ll see it the morning of Sept. twelve in Frankfurt (on the Mercedes-Benz GLS 550’s house field, we note).
The Land Cruiser styling is old-school, & saving a retro look in the FJ Cruiser mold can be fun.
2017 Toyota Land Cruiser industrialist image

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