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Sales of Used cars in Saudi Arabia down with 60 Percent: Al-Madina

according to (Pexels)The discounts of imported second-hand cars have dropped by about 60 percent, native daily Al-Madina announced quoting market sources.
The sources said the importers have stopped importing used cars & started disbursing the cars in their showrooms by minimal profits.
“They just imported used cars that were earlier requested by buyers,” he said.
Barakati said the imports of used cars dropped by about 24.5 % in 2016 compared to the Former year.
He said final year about 70,000 used cars were imported versus 92,300 cars in 2015.

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10 Best Used cars to purchase in India

10 Best Used Cars to Buy in India

So, here’s the list for ten best used cars to purchase in India:Maruti Suzuki SwiftThe Maruti Suzuki Swift is 1 of a better 2nd hand cars to purchase in India.
Honda CityThe Honda City is too 1 of a better used cars to purchase in India if you’re after a sedan.
Not only while new, even a used example of the Honda City is very popular in the used vehicle market in India.
For offering a better Price in the resale market & being an affordable, yet, robust machine, this tiny vehicle tops the list of best used cars to buy.
This is an effort that attempts to answer a very popular question that crosses a lot of Indian minds – that is a better used vehicle to purchase in India?

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Germany’s ‘Diesel Fear’ Leaves $5 bn in Used cars Gathering Dust

Germany’s back & forth over possibility bans for diesel cars in cities is sapping request for the cars & causing a backlog of used models on dealer lots that’s swelled to some 4.5 bn euros ($5.3 billion).
Pressure on used vehicle prices, particularly such relatively young vehicles, is Guessed to more step up as a result of the automakers’ trade-in bonuses for outdated diesel vehicles, the DAT said.
‘Fear’ FactorThe Price of used diesel cars is an important factor in the calculations for carmakers’ sizable fleet sales, & plunging prices can trigger writedowns in their lease portfolios.
In Daimler’s case, half of its vehicle discounts are either financed or leased by its financial services unit.
There are about six mn diesel cars by the older Euro five emissions level registered in Germany currently, according to the country’s Federal Transport Authority.

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