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Local specialized warns versus buying used cars which have been flooded

Used cars come in from all across the country, there’s a few things we could do to prevent ourselves…
Williams tells another method to double check the vehicle before purchasing is take the VIN number & get a vehicle fax.
This going to say you the history of the vehicle including if it came from 1 of the areas influenced with flooding or had flood damage.

“With all the electronics on cars today & all the electrical systems in a car, if that’s been under water you’re asking for trouble,” explained Williams.
“If the vehicle was running while it went into the water & which kind of thing it could too draw water into the engine,” said Williams.

Experts warn of buying used cars after flooding events

ROANOKE, Va. – The influence of extreme flooding in Texas & Florida after the recent hurricanes can stretch all How to southwest Virginia, as scammers have a try to resell flooded cars.
“There’s will be a massive glut of flooded cars out there,” said Julie Wheeler, Western Virginia Better Business Bureau president.
Experts tell the flood probably have influenced up to a mn cars.
“If they get sediment in them, particularly if it’s a lot of salt water, it will only eat up all the electronics” in the cars, Dudley said.
Experts tell the safest bet is getting a mechanic to check the vehicle thoroughly before buying it.
 used cars

As the nation deals by Hurricane Harvey, there are some important data for those planning on buying a used car.
Sometimes, those cars finish up on the secondary market”They have a try to clean them up a better they can, however it’s never enough,” said auto mechanic Jim Ruebhousen.
“During [Hurricane] Katrina, after that, wave of cars came through.
In the aftermath of Harvey, Ruebhousen suspects they perhaps see the same situation.
Once a vehicle is totaled, it going to finish up in auction, & once its sold, the cars are cleaned up some more.

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