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Colin Furze turns a BMW into a hot tub & takes it for a spin

Colin Furze is mad, & we mean which in a better method possible.
The English inventor & YouTube star has a knack for imagining up the generality bizarre ideas & Turning around them into real, working creations.
such as this weaponized Tuk Tuk , this gas-powered baby stroller , & this 125cc mobility scooter .
It advanced faux grass, a working BBQ in back, &, um, leaf blowers.
Watch the vidimus up above & see if you agree.

Watch Colin Furze Analysis His Bubbly BMW Hot Tub

It looks such as the sosame BMW which Furze turned into a bed back in June has taken on an even further comforting, & altogether further radical form.
now, he’s built a hot tub, full by bubble jets, & a grill mounted in the trunk.
Furze states which the vehicle was turned into a hot tub as portion of a Google advertisement.
We do not think anyone truly needs an excuse to Turn around a vehicle into a hot tub, though.
If anything, we’re only disappointed which we could not option up a Mercedes S-Class up to have a waterproof interior, & accommodation for 4 occupants & their rubber ducks.
Watch Colin Furze Test His Bubbly BMW Hot Tub

YouTube star Colin Furze has built a HOT TUB in his BMW

Wacky inventor Colin Furze has a history of mad creations – & converting this BMW three Series into a driveable spa is his latest effort.
Well, mad YouTube innovator Colin Furze has got the answer – a jacuzzi on wheels.
Furze has turned the old BMW three Series into the hot tub as portion of his latest YouTube vidimus.
The driveable hot tub is the latest vidimus from Furze by Former inventions including a Star Wars pod racer & life-size AT-AT Walker.
& while you’re availiable to exit, Colin has built in exhaust drains…or you could only unlock the door.




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