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I used a PS4 controller to drive a real vehicle remotely & it was awesome

I’m sitting in the passenger chair of a Nissan Qashqai, PS4 controller in hand, When we follow an costly sports vehicle nervously creeping round small plastic cones on the Britain’s legendary Silverstone motor racing circuit.
which’s because, by every squeeze of the R2 trigger, the exhaust of the modified Nissan GT-R roared & the vehicle sped away from America drop the track.
There’s a moment of panic as the vehicle starts to get away from me, & a scrambled press of L2 brings it to a stop.
Sitting in the passenger chair of the next vehicle didn’t always provide a major viewGT-R/CThis is not a retelling of a fever dream after a heavy night on the cheese.
The controls become intuitive surprisingly quickly, especially if you’ve spent many, many hours by a PlayStation controller in your hand.

Stretch Your $: Websites to visit before buying a used vehicle

while you’re in the market for a vehicle, you never need to get stuck by a lemon.
by which in mind, the federal government is reinforcing a caution while it comes to buying used cars .
We are stretching your $ by 3 websites you necessity to visit before making a buy.
user specialized Clark Howard recommends checking out Safercar.governmentfor a look at recall data.
There’s no bigger headache than buying a vehicle by a recall on it.
Stretch Your Dollar

Tesla Model three for discount – used electric vehicle emerges on-line, however it comes at a value

CRAIGLIST Tesla Model three for discount, used on Craiglist by a hefty priceA used Tesla Model three appeared for discount for the premier time ever giving fans a chance to buy the vehicle.
Hundreds of thousands of motorists who pre-ordered the Model three are continue awaiting delivery on the vehicle as Tesla work out “produce bottlenecks.” This used vehicle therefore is an attractive proposition for many motorists, however there is one large issue by this used vehicle.
The vehicle was posted to Craigslist in Monterey by the driver stating the vehicle is ‘lightly used.’Tesla Model three in pictures Mon, January 30, 2017 The Tesla Model three, that is Determine to be launched in 2018, in pictures.
Play slideshow PH one of 33 Tesla Model 3The advert tells: “premier ever Tesla Model three for discount.
“vehicle has been major for the past two,000 miles & a unique circumstance is forcing me to portion by the vehicle.




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