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Fayose gives launched commissars, adjutant generalFresh cars

Fayose gives launched commissars, adjutant general Fresh cars. Kamarudeen Ogundele, Ado EkitiThe Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, on Sunday fulfilled his pledge to reward the soon launched Finance commissar, Toyin Ojo, & the state Accountant General, Mrs. Yemisi Owolabi, by Fresh cars .
The officials were launched on Wednesday after spending 14 days in the custody of the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission.
“The constitution of Nigeria doesn’t empower the EFCC to catch state officials over alleged graft.
We going to sue the EFCC for this illegality, pursue the status to a logical conclusion & get damages for this ill-curing.
“I too agree by the agitation which governorship ought go to the Ekiti South Senatorial territory.

massive Fresh Monitor in London’s Picadilly Circus going to showadvertesment based on nearby cars & people

A massive Fresh Monitor installed in London’s iconic Picadilly Circus going to track cars & people who pass with to showtargeted advertesment.
As premier spotted with Wired, the 790 square meter Monitor can Production 281 trillion different colors from eleven mn pixels spaced eight millimeters apart.
Landsec, the Inc. which owns the Monitor, tells it advanced recognition technology which’s impacted with the people & things around it, allowing advertesment to better target native viewers.
“For example, the branded content displayed on the Monitor can change depending on the color of cars,” she said.
This giant spying Monitor going to replace 6 breaking up ones which used to each represent a different brand.
Huge new screen



Entrepreneur’s comparison site for Fresh cars ‘the generality comprehensive’

2 decades of trial in the UAE’s automotive industry helped Rahul Kulshreshtha spot something which was missing in this market – a comprehensive comparison site for Fresh cars .
We have the generality comprehensive vehicle buying process [obtainable in the zone] on the site, starting by what the brand is all about.
If you ask me, there are a lot of grey areas while it comes to used cars .
If you finance a used vehicle you pay a higher average of interest.
If you purchase a perfect used vehicle you are leaving it to luck.


collected by :Haily Jackson

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