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Paris to ban all petrol & diesel vehicles with 2030

Paris is to ban all combustion-engine cars – including those fuelled with both diesel & petrol – with 2030.
The French capital’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, had indeed reported plans to take diesel vehicles off the roads within a decade.
It comes as Oxford surged ahead of London in the race to become emissions-toll free with announcing plans to ban diesel vehicles with 2020, & prompted renewed calls for Mayor Sadiq Khan to do further to tackle the capital’s air pollution problem.
Many Parisians don’t own cars , relying on extensive public transport systems &, increasingly, networks of bikes, scooters & low-pollution hybrid engine cars for short-term rental.
UK is to ban Fresh petrol & diesel vehicles & vans from 2040, the Gov. reported in July.

Oxford to ban petrol & diesel vehicles in 2020 in bid to be vehicle-toll free with 2030

Rex advanced Fictional Television detective Inspector Morse & his trademark Jaguar Mark IIThe vehicle-toll free Region probably then be gradually expanded in 2025 & 2030 to involve the whole city.
The ban would too involve buses & types of hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius.
The city going to too must spend £7million on number plate recognition CCTV to police the ban.
just hybrids that could switch to zero emissions going to be allowed.
The telly cop, played with the late John Thaw, drove along Oxford’s historic streets in a gas guzzling Jaguar Mark II.
diesel vehicles

Paris to ban all petrol vehicles from the city with 2030 in pollution crackdown

as mentioned in Paris going to intensify its crackdown on polluting cars by banning all petrol-fuelled cars from the city’s streets by 2030, the mayor’s office has said.
That pledge comes in the wake of Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s soon reported outline to ban all diesel vehicles from the French capital by 2024, the year while Paris going to host the Summer Olympics.
just electric-powered cars going to be allowed in the world’s generality visited city if the latest measures on petrol-fuelled cars – that have yet to be formally confirmed – are enforced.
Ms Hidalgo has angered many Parisian drivers by her efforts to make the traffic-snarled city a much greener place, notably by adding hundreds of kilometres of cycle paths, pedestrianising many stretches of the banks of the River Seine, & organising vehicle-toll free days.

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