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Is this the Fresh Supra? Toyota uncovers GR HV Sports concept

Toyota going to unveil the GR HV SPORTS concept vehicle at its worldwide premiere at the 45th Tokyo Motor display 2017.
The GR HV SPORTS concept announcly represents a Fresh method to enjoy cars by integrating the thrill of a sports vehicle by the environmental friendliness of an eco-vehicle.
The GR HV Sports concept has a design reminiscent of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s TS050 Hybrid racing vehicle which competes in the World Endurance Championship (WEC).
It is powered by THS-R (Toyota Hybrid System-Racing) which is infused by hybrid technology refined by the TS050 Hybrid.
When completely embodying functionality as a genuine sports vehicle, the GR HV SPORTS concept advanced LED headlights, aluminum wheels, & a rear diffuser similar to the TS050 Hybrid.

Toyota fuses a showroom by a cafe for Fresh vehicle sharing Sports concept in Tokyo

Toyota is hoping to lure in young people that don’t yet feel availiable to purchase a vehicle by instead offering them a Fresh vehicle sharing service in Tokyo.
Drive to Go by Toyota is based around a retail store that mixes the functions of a showroom, or a vehicle rental space, by a further relaxed coffee & restaurant concept.
Toyota wants to make the vehicle rental process only as simple as it is for people to purchase a coffee.
Many brands have indeed released vehicle sharing services, including Ford’s Go-Drive service, VW’s MOIA & BMW’s DriveNow, that was premier released in 2014.
Extremely instead of creating yet another vehicle showroom, we Suggested a Fresh service to Toyota that would provide a useful & delightful trial – not a discounts or promotional 1 – for the audience, particularly young people.
Sports concept

Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride notion to star at Tokyo

as informed in Toyota is previewing fuel cell technology, by significant gains over its existing Mirai model, by its Tokyo display concept, the Fine-Comfort Ride.
& When he declined to Approve which the vehicle can make produce, he stated, “The Fine-Comfort Ride is a Sports concept, for This time.
The Fine-Comfort Ride is a long hatchback – at four,830mm, it’s around 30cm longer than a Prius, although it’s marginally shorter than the Mirai.
Toyota is too Utilizing the Tokyo event to showcase SORA, a Fresh hydrogen fuel cell bus which it plans to introduce in small numbers in the Japanese capital in 2018.
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