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BMW K 1600 Grand US Makes World Debut in Milan

The BMW K 1600 Grand US sees its premiere at the world’s biggest motorcycle trade display , the EICMA in Milan (seven – twelve November 2017).
The design of the BMW K 1600 Grand US embraces the passion for relaxed, luxurious travel on 2 wheels which is especially widespread in the USA.
For this purpose, the styling developed for the bagger concept of the BMW K 1600 B has been modified & a number of distinctive advanced have been added.
The authentic look of the BMW K 1600 Grand US is rounded off by a highest status full by integrated passenger backrest.
In addition to extended transport capacity, the BMW Grand US offers safely enhanced travel suitability because of the extra seating comfort for rider & passenger.

2018 BMW K 1600 Grand US premier Look | six Fast realities

2018 BMW K 1600 Grand America Preview When BMW Motorrad unveiled its K 1600 B in October 2016, the intentions were clear – to take on the Common America bagger market.
The K 1600 B, a relative of the K 1600 GT & GTL, quickly garnered our respect after a few miles of riding.
next are the essential fast realities of the 2018 BMW K 1600 Grand US America.
The BMW K 1600 Grand America arrives in 2 finishes: Blackstorm Metallic or the “Style Package” Blackstorm Metallic/Austin Yellow Metallic.
All else is typical of the K 1600 B, including:The K 1600 B advanced the 1649cc inline-six cylinder which produces 160 horsepower at 7759 rpm & 129 ft/lbs of torque at 5250 rpm.
BMW K 1600 Grand US

Fresh BMW K 1600 Grand US – a Bagger by a boot

according to Building on the Bagger The K1600 Bagger changed all which while it came along by adding style in spades without ruining the ride however it Stray 1 thing which makes the K1600GT a winner: luggage capacity.
The Fresh Grand US solves which crisis though, Extremely are BMW onto a winner?
As the name proposes, BMW have Determine their sights over the pond, aiming at both the large industrialists & their consumers.
further luggage, further milesCompared to the level K1600, the Grand US has a much further swept appearance by smaller panniers & a reduce chair rise, along by those all-important foot boards.
US is a massive market for the ‘Wing & while the K1600 is Certain, Gold Wing is all Fresh.


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