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Are flying cars the aftertime of transportation or an inflated expectation?

as declared in however going to we see flying vehicles out in the world?
There are indeed 15 startups working on different concepts of flying cars (including hover bikes), & further perhaps be in stealth mode or early phase.
Indeed, the technology required for flying vehicles is Eventually here.
This is a so complex crisis in terms of regulation (ought flying cars be remotely controlled with human operators or allowed to operate autonomously?
Flying cars are definitely on the radar.

Uber’s grand outline for flying cars faces a great obstacle

however its plans to have 4-passenger, vertical-takeoff-&-landing aircraft zip above skyscrapers faces a great obstacle which Holden brushed off during which 25-minute presentation.
“We necessity to handle a lot further air traffic flying over cities than has ever been done before,” Holden said.
however UTM is continue far from completion, & Uber’s piloted cars going to be far larger & heavier than any drone.
Jeff Holden discusses Uber’s plans for flying cars .
“We necessity an entirely Fresh kind of aircraft,” Holden said.
flying cars

Uber’s Fresh chief executive officertells we could Guesse flying cars in five years

as declared in We’re working by folks who are will build skyports, etc.
“Then we need to work by all of the industrialists in order to develop these cars .”
Technically, these “flying cars ” are categorized as “vertical takeoff & landing aircraft,” or VTOL aircraft.
According to Uber’s website, “The closest equivalent technology in Utilize today is the helicopter, however helicopters are also noisy, inefficient, polluting & costly for mass-scale Utilize.
VTOL aircraft will make Utilize of electric propulsion Extremely they have zero operational emissions & will likely be quiet sufficient to operate in cities without disturbing the neighbors.”

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