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Ford is going to This time build electric cars in Mexico

Ford is going to build its following generation all-electric vehicle in Mexico, rather than at the plant in Michigan where it pledged to build it.
linked: the reason Donald trump has automakers worried about NAFTA The Inc. tells it is going to continue go ahead by plans to invest & innovate Fresh jobs at Flat Rock, however that it is going to build self-driving cars there instead, rather than electric cars .
& it has boosted the planned investment in the Michigan plant to $900 mn, rather than its $700 mn target.
Ford is too trying to play arrest-up on electric cars .
linked: Ford workers are Analyzing out exoskeletonsMoving electric vehicle produce to Mexico can reduce the cost of the making the cars , that have been money losers for every automaker Extremely far.

1 of Europe’s highest-selling electric cars is in reality a delivery van

Even if we ban cars , we’re continue will must deliver stuff.
It seems which every time I write something about the advance of electric cars , Lloyd will write a much better post about the method cities ought truly go vehicle-toll free.
which’s the reason it was exciting to see announced over at Clean technical which for European electric vehicle discounts in October, the 11th generality Common vehicle was in reality DHL’s small, hundred% electric delivery van, the Street Scooter.
by 910 units purveyed in October alone, & three,633 purveyed year-to-date, it truly does sound such as the market for small, fully electric delivery cars is picking up pace in Europe.
& if it’s a Selection among large box shopping & on-line retail, then on-line retail has a lot is going for it in terms of environmental influence—especially if we could drastically lower the environmental footprint of delivery itself.
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Suzuki shifts gears on electric cars in India- Nikkei Asian description

referring to just 2 months before the licence was signed, Suzuki had been cautious over India’s outline to increase electric cars .
The Gov. began a pilot project in probably to build a mass transport system Utilizing electric cars in Nagpur in central Maharashtra state.
Mahindra provides electric cars & Ola supplies an app to spare buses & passenger cars .
An analyst at a U.S. securities firm based in Tokyo welcomed Suzuki’s licence by Toyota & said it eases worries over Suzuki’s electric vehicle policy.
His son, Toshihiro, is This time taking on the difficult defy of leading the shift to electric cars in India.

Not only Porsche: Honda wants 15-minute fast charges for electric cars also

Honda Sports electric vehicle concept, 2017 Tokyo Motor display Enlarge Photo With Porsche pledging ultra-fast charging for its Mission E electric vehicle, Honda isn’t will allow the German automaker saves its 15 minutes of charging fame.
Fifteen-minute charge times are key to bringing electric cars on par by gasoline- & diesel-powered counterparts for longer trips.
But, the industry’s outline to roll out 350 kilowatt charging stations represents a great achievement in making electric cars further adept to longer trips.
Honda Urban electric vehicle Concept Enlarge PhotoElectric charging plans call for downloading chargers enable to of 350 kilowatts of product, that is key to making ultra-fast charging possible.
The Honda Urban electric vehicle, meantime, will go into produce in 2019 for discounts in markets other than North US, where Honda likely sees it as also small to be Common.
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