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Stolen Acura detect in shipment of used cars headed for Africa

referring to PREV following Order Prints OGDENSBURG — Hidden within a shipment of used cars, U.S. Customs & Border prevention officers intercepted a stolen car Tuesday which was destined for West Africa.
The Acura’s actual VIN was hidden &, once disclosed, officers found which it had been announced stolen on Nov. 30.
CBP Ogdensburg seized the car & returned it to Canada Border Services Agency in Prescott, Ontario.
“car theft is a serious crime,” said CBP ambit Port Director Tim Walker in a statement.
“Trade compliance inspections remember 1 of many CBP enforcement priorities in the Port of Ogdensburg,” Port Director Thomas Trimboli at the Port of Ogdensburg said in a statement.

Safest used cars you could purchase…

The Monash University Accident study Centre looks at vehicle crash statistics from 1990 to 2015 to set a list of the safest used cars you could purchase.
THE 2017 USED vehicle security RATING is based on vehicle crash statistics from 1990 to 2015 where someone was either killed or earnestly infective.
while it comes to buying a used vehicle then you absolutely need to ensure the vehicle you’re considering has traction & stability controls, airbags & seatbelts by pretension devices.
We gone out of the Used vehicle security Ratings list for 2017 & chose just the Safer Pick cars across a range of categories.
What’s a Safer Pick?
used cars

Pendragon to lock some premium dealerships & focus on used cars

As it stated in The Inc. said which following a strategic description of the business, it is going to “lower” the number of its premium brand franchises over the following 3 years.
A total of 70 Pendragon dealerships under its Stratstone brand home marques like Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar & Porsche.
The previous Stratstone Jaguar dealership in Stafford Street, Wolverhampton, is This time owned by Lancaster, portion of the Jardine Motors Group.
Pendragon is going to instead focus on the used cars market, where it trades as Evans Halshaw by 118 dealerships & is aiming to double income by 2021, opening another 30 sites.
AdvertisingMr Finn added: “Following our strategic description, we have focused on reshaping the business to accelerate transformation & ensure capital allocation is optimised across the group.

the method 3-dimensional printing is being used to develop F1 cars at the track

the method 3-dimensional printing is being used to develop F1 cars at the trackWritten with: | Published:As the 2017 Formula 1 season drew to a lock final 30 days, it’s been a year of rapid Growth for all the teams throughout the paddock.
Today, if F1 cars are to be competitive, they have to undergo continuous rapid Growth & fine tuning for the idiosyncrasies of each track & likely weather conditions.
1 technology therefore ideal for Formula 1 is 3-dimensional printing.
But, the nature of 3-dimensional printing technology affords McLaren a formerlyimpossible standard of flexibility with allowing 11th hour design, optimisation & manufacturing work to take place.
In the coming seasons, it’s likely which 3-dimensional printers are going to become much further prevalent at the track as teams have a try to increasingly develop & hone cars for race weekends.
collected by :Haily Jackson

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