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entrepreneur to equipping used cars for police falls short

As it stated in The Inc. — Obrien’s International used cars discounts Rentals Limited — was in January this year awarded a $426.nine-mn contract to supply the 200 pre-owned motor cars for the constabulary.
The clearance of the 66 cars would require the payment of $16 mn in taxes, that would be the responsibility; of the importer.
On November two, 2017 the Ministry of Finance advised that the Demand wasn’t supported”.
Morrison too more pointed out that Obrien’s remembered the lowest of the 4 bidders, even after adding the taxes to the last contract cost.
National safety Minister Robert Montague & then-Opposition Spokesman of safety Peter Bunting clashed on the issue months ago while the Gov. reported its intention to beef up the JCF’s fleet by pre-owned cars.

Serial thief used cars ‘signal jammer device’ to break into cars

A serial criminal who was found possessing signal jammer gadgets that enabled him to break into autos has been imprisoned.
Daniel Polanksi (33) of Charlestown Place, Finglas, Dublin confessed at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to one check of having three flag blockers utilized for breaking into autos on March 7 this year.
He additionally confessed to one check of having crowbars, lights, binoculars and pen-blades for use in a robbery on a similar date.
Garda Michael Parry-Jones revealed to Diana Stuart BL, indicting, that gardaí pulled over Polanski at St Margaret’s Road in Finglas and recuperated a lot of things from the vehicle. These incorporated a USB stick and an iPod that had been stolen from two different autos already.
Polanksi was captured and in the long run made a few admissions to gardaí. His 72 past feelings incorporate theft and ambush and 16 of these offenses were submitted in Poland.
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importation of used cars just discouraged, not stopped: Dagha

As it stated in Auto industry requests exemption from regulatory duty on steel Since the Gov. believes used cars imports have a role in growing imports, it introduced some Fresh conditions to lower such imports.
Therefore, used cars would still to arrive at Karachi, that have indeed been shipped from Japan.
Pakistan’s annual vehicle discounts have crossed over 300,000 units including imported used cars that constitute roughly 20% of total discounts.
The country imported about 65,000 used cars in fiscal year 2016-17 compared by about 56,000 units in the Former year.
The domestic industry is anxiously waiting for used vehicle importation numbers of November & December 2017 to assess the actual influence of Fresh rules.

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