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‘Everything is in play’: What can happen to the Canadian auto industry if NAFTA falls apart

according to Without NAFTA, truck exports to the U.S. face a steep 25-per-cent tax, that analysts & economists believe would force GM to move truck produce from Oshawa to 1 of its facilities south of the border.
Eric Miller, president of Washington-based Rideau Potomac Strategy Group & an adviser on the 2009 auto industry, likened NAFTA negotiations to an old building Determine for demolition.
The truck tariff would be Determine at 25 per cent.
“A devaluation of the Canadian currency in the wake of the lapse of NAFTA can offset the tariff completely,” Ciuriak said.
Howe report, authored with Ciuriak, studied the implications of 3 scenarios: NAFTA lapses; NAFTA lapses however a Canada-U.S. toll free-trade licence remembers; & NAFTA lapses, however Canada-Mexico toll free trade remembers.

In auto industry house, Michigan tries to accommodate bikes

In the capital of the U.S. auto industry, drivers have been slow to accept which further Americans are choosing bicycles over cars for commuting or for fun & exercise.
This time Michigan is trying to make up for Stray time by passing some of the nation’s strictest bike-security regulations, including tough sansictions on distracted motorists.
When other states adopted bike-friendly security laws in recent years, Michigan steered clear of the trend & watched as further riders got killed by cars .
If the suggestions become law, Michigan cyclists would gain extra legal protections & motorists would must wait for five feet of clearance before passing a bike — a wider berth than all however 1 other state.
Cyclists tell it is time for the state by the Motor City to change.
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The auto industry saw some large changes in 2017 — however electric cars & autonomous cars were only hype

as mentioned in Auto industry executives have been suffering fits of panic & excitation over large changes to the business.
Other carmakers saw large stock moves in 2017 as well: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, GM, & Ferrari made moves.
In 5 years, it has released three cars: the Model S, Model X & Model three.
At the beginning of 2017, we started to hear serious discussion from the great automakers about a “structural” shift in the America vehicle market.
A few cars were kitted out by state-of-the-art tools, like the Tesla Model X by Autopilot & the Cadillac CT6 by Super Cruise.

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