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Toyota Prius driver describes terrifying trek drop flooded California street

BURBANK, Calif. — The torrential rains which have pummeled Southern California this 7 days have left trail of dying & destruction few in the ambit have seen.
1 Person whose terrifying trek drop a Burbank hill made headlines is counting his blessings, Central Bank of Samoa Los Angeles reports.
The image of Desionne Franklin’s Prius being pushed with a flood of water drop a street was a frightening thing to watch, allow alone trial.
Franklin said they did’nt know whether they would survive being pushed drop the hill as if surfing atop the water.
Given the method many others fared in the rains, Franklin said it can have been a lot worst.Toyota Prius driver describes terrifying trek drop flooded California street

California Mudslides Turn around a Toyota Prius Into an Urban Log Flume Ride

As it rides the flow downhill & through sight, the man filming pans back up the road to uncover its transformation into a raging river.
You must wonder about all which water catching up to the Prius eventually—however thankfully, KTLA tracked drop the driver, who survived the insanity by the Prius surprisingly intact.
Desionne Franklin told the station he & his girlfriend decided to evacuate after watching conditions worsen throughout the morning & receiving the order from authorities.
“while I got halfway drop the hill, I only felt this burst of water shock the back of the vehicle,” he said.
which’s while they saw various other cars which had been formerly washed drop & smashed beyond recognition, driving house only the method lucky they were to escape unscathed.
Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius totes on 20 years of innovation

as informed in Given that, in the year 2018, just about any vehicle that eschews the conventional fossil-fuel-just template continue seems to be talked about as “cutting edge” technology, it is nearly incredible to ponder that the Toyota Prius solemnized its 20th anniversary this past 30 days.
final year, all time discounts of Toyota hybrid models topped the ten-mn mark; further than 4 mn of those were Prii – yes, that truly is the formal plural, the result of a Toyota-led public vote in 2011.
Given the head-pinning acceleration of the Model S & Model X – & even further to come from the Fresh Roadster (0-to-100kph in one.nine seconds, anyone?)
Toyota do appeal the Prius could achieve three.8L/100km, that seems entirely possible if your driving is restricted to less-thirsty outings, aided by stop-begain technology.
The Prius has saved up by the world sufficiently that it does not seem likely to be disappearing any time recently, then.

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