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the method saving THESE items in your vehicle can invalidate your vehicle insurance

Drivers who leave proven items in their vehicle can see their insurance invalidatedUK drivers probably not be aware which hoarding proven items in their vehicle can lead to their insurance policy being invalidated.
Around a 3rd of motorists (31 per cent) have admitted to hoarding proven items in their vehicle for months, & a more 9 per cent admit to saving proven things in their vehicle for over a twelve monthsEvery year drivers are spending an Rate of 364 hours behind the wheel of their vehicle, Extremely it’s hardly amazing which items accumulate.
Drivers are being warned about the danger of leaving proven items in their cars .
Millions of motorists are putting high-Price items at danger of theft with unsuccessful to ensure they are through sight When in their cars.

Pay-as-you-go vehicle insurance can keep drivers money

“If you Utilize your vehicle just once a 7 days or less, it makes tiny sense being on an annual policy.
Other companies in the Britain offering short-term vehicle insurance involve Dayinsure & Midrive.
Veygo, with Admiral, offers temporary vehicle insurance for sharing or borrowing a friend’s vehicle.
while he had an annual insurance policy, he was paying the equivalent of £130 a 30 days.
I’m not sure the reason my vehicle insurance was Extremely costly before,” he tells.
Pay-as-you-go car insurance could save drivers money vehicle insurance

The wrong kind of email address can bump up your vehicle insurance

as informed in can not subscribe, have a try once more later Invalid EmailCould your email address ramp up your vehicle insurance premiums?
It’s not the premier time apparent anomalies in insurance quotes have been flagged up.
meantime, the Rate cost of motor insurance has jumped with £30 over the past year to reach a Fresh record high of £493, according to insurers.
The trade body said insurance premium tax (IPT), that has been hiked various times in recent years, ought This time be frozen to help easiness hight motor insurance costs.
Rob Cummings, the ABI’s helper director, head of motor & liability, said: “The hight cost of motor insurance shows no sign of abating.

Vandalism is costing drivers £two bn a year & can invalidate vehicle insurance premium

GETTY vehicle vandalism costs drivers £2billion a year & perhaps not be covered by insurance premiumsMillions of drivers in the Britain are preys to vehicle vandalism by their vehicle’s sustaining damage.
information, unearthed by Churchill vehicle insurance, from Freedom of Information demands uncovered the hotspots for vehicle vandalism in the Britain.
Vandalism is setting drivers back nearly £two bn (£one.nine bn) every single year & Rate reform costs stand at £661 per vehicle.
nearly a 5th (18 per cent) of drivers in the Britain have had their vehicle vandalised & 41 per cent of these motorists believe they know who committed the crime.
What’s further is drivers can have their vehicle insurance premium invalidated by being a prey of vandalism.
Vandalism is costing drivers £2 billion a year and could invalidate car insurance premium vehicle insurance

collected by :Olivia Mathio

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