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DHS, auto industry group collaborate on cyber — FCW

as declared in CybersecurityDHS, auto industry group collaborate on cyberA 30 days after the section of Homeland safety said it planned to intensify information sharing efforts by industry, an automotive group signed an licence to get better cyber menace information sharing & test by the agency.
Auto Information Sharing & test Center (Auto-ISAC) was established in 2015 by automakers to share cyber menace information between themselves as cars & trucks become further electronically interconnected.
DHS warned vehicle makers in August 2017 about increasing vulnerabilities to automotive systems from cyberattacks.
Information sharing partners voluntarily submit indicators of observed cyber menaces & information about cyber incidents & identified vulnerabilities, in an anonymized, aggregated fashion.
The Auto-ISAC said a key component of the licence was the ability to sit side-by-side by the federal Gov. & other companies to share & testcyber menace information before an attack occurs.

The auto industry is head over heels for VR

He’s seen the method it could be a boon for the Inc. indeed: Mercedes has used HoloLens to train reform technicians.
Honda, then, made the right Selection in showing up by Microsoft’s AR headset to display off its Fresh Accord in “HondaLens.”
If I tilted my head also much 1 method or another, the holograms would cut off abruptly.
which’s right: Automakers aren’t only bringing concept cars to auto shows anymore; they’re bringing concept discounts equipment also.
& because she was right there by me in VR, I didn’t feel taken through the trial.
The auto industry is head over heels for VRauto industry

U.S. auto content request meant to dismay Canada & Mexico: Auto industry

according to MONTREAL – An American request for 50 per cent U.S. content in automobiles built in North US was meant to dismay Canada & Mexico away from the negotiating table, Canada’s auto portions industry said Wednesday.
The U.S. suggestion has been sharply criticized with Canada, Mexico & the North American auto industry.
Volpe said Wednesday the American request for a U.S. domestic content request continues to be opposed with Canada & Mexico.
Canada is Guessed to put forward some extra ideas about auto rules of origin during this round of trade talks.
which’s an example of the method we could innovate a beat-beat-beat.”Canada’s chief negotiator Steve Verheul said Tuesday auto ideas put forward for consideration would not come in the form of Fresh text.

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