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Ron Smaron: Electric cars & the Fresh grid

( Adam Berry / Getty Images Europe )I differ by Mr. Staehelin’s guest opinion on electric cars (Daily cam, Jan. 21).
“Real” electric cars aren’t the inefficient “parallel” hybrids (side-by-side engine-motor) which store less than 40 electric miles.
meantime, right This time someone can purvey pre-fab vehicle-sized solar charging stations for on or off the grid.
If the Xcel grid isn’t worth what they ask, outline the best strategy.
If Boulder needs Xcel, allow the Fresh Boulder Grid hire them at a Honest value for what they must offer.

Tesla racing series: Electric cars get the green light

The overwhelming sensation while someone gets to drive a Tesla Model S for the premier time, particularly 1 of the D models, is only the method shockingly quick it is.
The race-prepped Model S P100D which going to initially make up the grid is awesome.
In addition to the upgraded aero, the racing P100D gets a fancy, stiffer racing suspension & a stripped interior.
Unfortunately, because the series is not officially sanctioned by Tesla, the racing engineers are having trouble by the vehicle’s battery management software.
Fingers crossed which EPCS going to get all its ducks in a row & Eventually bring America the rowdy, fun electric racing which we’ve all been dreaming of.
Tesla racing series: Electric cars get the green light Electric cars

Electric cars line up for Delhi expo

referring to Anasuya BasuCalcutta: Electric cars going to hold the centrestage at the Delhi auto expo this year.
The biennial display to be inaugurated at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida on Thursday going to focus on aftertime mobility & green technology.
nearly every industrialist going to showcase at least 1 EV in response to the Gov.’s diktat of a complete EV fleet by 2030.
There going to too be a concept by a Fresh design language for compact cars, the ConceptFutureS.
Its electric offering going to be the sedan IONIQ, by 3 versions, including a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid & an-all electric powertrain.

Electric cars are such as iPhones? They’ll be bigger than which

It’s a peculiar hallmark of our time which, a decade later, the EV is primarily viewed in terms of perfect & bad.
As Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg soon said, electric cars going to be to the transport sector “what the iPhone has been to the communication sector”.
Electric cars (EVs) have the possibility to change our lives in ways few could imagine.
however a personal EV is further than only a mode of transport, it is a major large battery on wheels.
& cityscapes going to convert as traditional dealerships & service centres disappear in response to on-line discounts & the low maintenance demandants of electric cars.
Electric cars are like iPhones? They'll be bigger than that Electric cars

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