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Race India to electric veihcels hits speed bumps

Some, like Mahindra & Mahindra & Tata, have various — including an electric bus each.
Longer range electric cars & reduce battery costs are helping them gain further momentum between consumers, Sen added.
“which, might, is the biggest gap before electric cars could take off,” Pawan Goenka, managing director of Mahindra & Mahindra, told CNN.
Renault appeals to purvey 25% of all electric cars in Europe, however it has yet to launch 1 in India.
Mahindra & Mahindra is the just Inc. in India currently selling electric cars directly to consumers, however Goenka Guesse others going to join the party recently.

Green cars in spotlight as India eyes electric revolution

“We are a powerful believer in electric, & by a leap of faith, we started investing even before the Gov. declaration,” said Mahesh Babu, chief executive officerof Mahindra Electric, currently the just Inc. producing electric cars in India.
Others are racing to Production competing models at reduce prices, by Maruti Suzuki—India’s biggest producer of passenger cars—pledging to launch an electric vehicle in 2020.
Tata Motors, portion of the sprawling tea-to-steel conglomerate, in September won a contract to supply ten,000 electric cars for the Gov..
Mahesh Bendre, an auto industry analyst by Karvi Stock Broking, said electric cars would just succeed in India if the value was right.
Fully electric cars are Guessed to make up twelve % of the universal market in 2025, analysts at Bank of US Merrill Lynch prediction final year.
Green cars in spotlight as India eyes electric revolutionelectric cars

LePage Organization wants to impose fee for electric cars

As it stated in Koji Sasahara | AP | BDN Koji Sasahara | AP | BDNAUGUSTA, Maine — The LePage Organization is proposing legislation which would add an annual fee on electric & hybrid cars in order to pay for highway maintenance.
The Portland Press Herald reports the measure would tack on a $250 fee for electric cars & a $150 fee for hybrids.
Meghan Russo, manager of legislative services for MDOT, tells the fee is being imposed because owners of hybrids & electric cars pay less in gas taxes than other car owners.
They tell the LePage Organization ought reevaluate the method the state pays for road maintenance, rather than target drivers of electric & hybrid cars .
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