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Are you truly insured? West Yorkshire Police issue caution versus fake vehicle insurance ‘ghost broking’

As it stated in Is your vehicle insurance policy genuine?
Motorists are being conned into taking out fake vehicle insurance from false companies, police have warned.
to check the legitimacy of tWest Yorkshire Police has issued a caution to motoristsheir policy – after reports of ‘ghost broking’.

Police have warned of con merchants Utilizing social networking toconnedmotorists into buying fake insurance policies.
– Fake policy documents designed to look legitimate are created & purveyed to customers.

Ghost broker deception: thousands of drivers probably have fake vehicle insurance

Male drivers in their 20s are the biggest target for ghost brokers, according to a Fresh report by City of London Police.
Detectives have received over 850 reports of fake vehicle insurance in the past 3 years, by preys losing an estimated £631,000.
What is a ghost broker?
the method to avert a ghost brokerThere are a few things you could do to avert falling foul of a ghost broker.
For further data on these types of scams, read our proof on the method to spot a ghost broker.

fake vehicle insurance
fake vehicle insurance


Ghost broker deception: Police warn thousands of motorists probably have fake vehicle insurance

as mentioned in Thousands of motorists can be unwittingly driving without insurance due to fraudsters known as “ghost brokers” selling fake policies, police have warned.
Tactics used by “ghost brokers” involve taking out a genuine insurance policy before quickly cancelling it & claiming the refund plus the prey’s money.
They too forge insurance documents or falsify a driver’s details to bring the value drop, police said.
Men aged in their 20s are generality likely to be targeted, by “ghost brokers” often contacting preys on social networking including fb, Instagram, Snapchat & WhatsApp.
Drivers without valid vehicle insurance are breaking the law & face punishments including fines, points on their driving agreement & having their cars seized.

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