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Mercedes-Benz going to Sit Out the 2019 Detroit Auto display

referring to We’ve written here on The Drive about the method the annual North American International Auto display in Detroit has been declining in relevance & importance over the years.
Mercedes is joining a growing number of luxury brands sitting out the Detroit auto display including Porsche, Jaguar, & Land Rover.
“We are presently working to adjust the scale & size of our auto shows & trade fairs concepts to better align by our upcoming model launches,” said Mercedes-Benz in a statement.
The handful of large annual auto shows used to be truly large deals where automakers would proudly showcase concepts & Fresh models.
This time there are simply also many other, better ways to do which for the traditional auto display model to stay relevant.

Mercedes-Benz probably bail on Detroit Auto display in 2019

To anyone who attended the 2018 Detroit Auto display , hearing which Mercedes-Benz likely will not be taking portion in the 2019 display perhaps come as a surprise.
however, according to some sources inside Mercedes, there only is not sufficient output to justify it.
The G class was the good output to debut this year, however the likelihood we going to be in Detroit following January is soslim.
Detroit is not necessarily a massive market for discounts for the Stuttgart-based industrialist, & the cost associated by having a booth at the display is astronomical.
The Detroit 3 (specifically Ford, General Motors & Fiat Chrysler) continue own the floor at Cobo Hall in January, & Detroit is where the bulk of their significant debuts are.




DFW Auto display opens by Fresh Ram 1500, Ford Mustang, Jeep Cherokee & other 2019 models

as mentioned in “For people who are in the market for a Fresh vehicle This time or maybe 6 months from This time, this is a better venue to do which.
You could take 1 day & look at several cars you’re interested in without hopping from dealership to dealership,” the group’s spokeswoman Marianne Jones said.
Prospective buyers going to get the chance to Analysis drive further than 75 cars from industrialists including Ford, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota & further during the auto display ’s Ride & Drive event.
Analysis drives are complimentary by admission to the auto display , & Jones recommended which attendees check the event’s website for a schedule of Analysis drives from several industrialists.
1 of just 89 2017 Ford GTs delivered by the industrialist final year going to too be on hand.

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